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  • Bordeaux rosé for people on the go

    Posted on 20th March 2014
    Thank goodness for that – rosé in cans…was wondering what to put in the kids’ lunchboxes 😉 rosé in cans  

    Free Wine tasting in Bordeaux

    Posted on 9th March 2014

    bienvenue au salonSo, what’s the last thing you probably think of doing at 9am on a Sunday morning…?  That’s right – going to a wine exhibition in Bordeaux !  Still, the “Salon aux Vignerons Indépendants” (Independent Wine Makers Exhibition”) is only once a year, and is a fabulous free event that isn’t to be missed.

    Fortunately, the French don’t seem to have quite got the hang ofwine tasting ripping off consumers, at every turn, in the same way as their Anglo-Saxon neighbours.  The parking is free and plentiful adjacent to the exhibition hall.  Then, there is the entry itself….which is free.  Of course you need a wine glass for tasting.  Yes, you’ve guessed it – that’s free, too.  In fact all the tastings are as well.  Furthermore, large chariots (pronounced shar -ee-oh) are available for free hire to enable you to easily transport your purchases to your car. read more