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    Posted on 29th November 2015

    How to get served in a French shop/restaurant!

    So, you wish to attract the attention of the shop worker who is stacking shelves…..and chatting away to a co-worker.  Hmmmm.  Of course in English the best way would be to start with a loud, “Excuse me….”.  However, that would be considered quite rude in France!

    The most practical French language tip you will learn

    Always, always, always start with, “Bonjour”.  To be extra-polite, add in “Monsieur/Madame”.  You can then go on with your request.  The whole excuse-me thing is just superfluous, as “Bonjour” translates as “Sorry to interrupt your little chat but can you serve me please”? If your French is rusty to say the least, forget trying to conjugate tricky sentences.  It is perfectly acceptable to say just (after the “bonjour” of course) “ketchup/bananes/fromage s’il vous plaît”?  When finished a “Merci et bonne journée” will do nicely 🙂 bordeaux vineyards france holiday rental