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    Honest Rosegal Review 2015


    I first came across Rosegal on Facebook in November 2015.  The photos looked so fab, I was sucked in and soon browsing their website.  The large banner at the top which read, “Happy ThaCksgiving” did worry me somewhat….however, I still went ahead an ordered the “Elegant Gray Slash Collar Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear For Women”


    Elegant Gray Slash Collar Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear For Women


    Zooming on the photo I could see the quality was not going to be fabulous, but I read the 3 reviews posted on there, which seemed honest enough, and decided to go for it.  At only £15 for a jumper/sweatshirt including postage.  Yes, free postage from China, I thought it worth a punt.


    Rosegal Tracking

    I didn’t pay extra for tracking, but did pay with Paypal, in the hope that it would provide some consumer protection.  I order on 14th November 2015 and 4 days later I received an email informing me that my order had been shipped.  Interestingly, I was given a tracking number, even though I hadn’t paid for one!  Oddly, it was being shipped via “Netherlands Post Surface Mail”, even though it was coming from China.


    Via a Google search I found that China Post is Netherlands Post.  Curioser and curioser.  When I tried to track I was told that my tracking number didn’t exist.  However, I persisted.  This gave me an “unrecognised tracking number”.  I clicked, “track” again, and on the third go discovered that my parcel had made it to France 8 days after ordering.  Not bad.  However, it was in customs.  Oh dear.


    Rosegal Scam?

    I expected a long wait (and a bill for 20% VAT plus admin charge from the French customs, as duty shouldn’t be payable, I think).  I should mention in the meantime I had come across all the terrible reviews of Rosegal online.  Lots of words like scam, poor customer service, long delays, poor reviews, tiny sizes…  It would be fair to say that my expectations were pretty low by this point.


    Rosegal Delays?

    Imagine my surprise when 19 days after ordering (and on the run up to Christmas) my Rosegal sweater arrived.  There was a yellow sticker from customs  Goods not fulfilling the conditions prescribed by Articles 9 and 10 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community.  Oh dear, sounded like I was in trouble!  Still, apparently, all it means is that it informs the shipping company that fees/duties need to be paid.


    Rosegal Quality & Sizing

    Rosegal Elegant Gray Slash Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear for WomenHaving followed the advice from other Rosegal Reviews I decided to order a larger size than usual.  I am a European 38/40, a UK size 10 or an American size 6.  I ordered a Rosegal Large.  Size-wise, it is about perfect.  Large enough to wear over a t-shirt, but not too big that it looks like a sack!

    Obviously it turned up creased and I haven’t yet had chance to iron it.  The edge of the sleeves is a little raggy, but otherwise exactly as expected.  The material is a medium-weight sweatshirt, with no label giving any washing instructions/material composition.  Would guess it is a polyester-type fabric.  Rosegal Elegant Gray Slash Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear for Women label


    Would I Order Again from Rosegal?

    The short answer is yes!  For me, the product was as described and turned up in a timely fashion.  I think my only caveat with that is that I would only order 1 item per shipment….just in case 🙂

    Elegant Gray Slash Collar Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear For Women SizingRosegal Elegant Gray Slash Collar Long Sleeve Pullover Knitwear For Women Sizing